VW National 2023

A few nice syncros at the Nationals in Sydney this year with only mine inside and the remainder all in the car park for some reason?

Was a cool day with the sun not really getting too excited but made for a comfortable day if you brought enough clothing.

Here are the syncros I spotted:

Very cool Scott. Would that be normal for the nationals, or down on years past?
The last one looks well travelled!!
And no tintops??

Does anyone know the purpose of front mudfllaps?

Hi Richard,

Its very low numbers compared to previous years.
One year we had around 15 of them.
People are still struggling to get to shows these days - maybe the Covid is still hanging around scaring them off, maybe its the cost of living and fuel - who knows?

I am going to try and get to some shows this year or events should they happen.

An yes no tin tops when I went through the car park around mid day - the tin tops may have come and gone?


I have no idea what the front bar flaps do other than keep rocks from getting to the undercarriage.

Maybe its for sex appeal?

I must admit I have not been to any shows this year, not Covid related, just time poor.
Not good on the tin tops as that is my preference!

Front mud flaps help with deep water and bull dust flying up in front of the van!! (and yes definitely sex appeal)

I went out for a look at the Nationals. It was the first time i had been, was good to catch up with some people i’ve met through the VW scene over the years.

It seemed a bit underwhelming, not alot of entrants and swap meet was mediocre :person_shrugging:

Did you bring your syncro?

There was a few syncros there that I saw yet I heard there was a couple of others in the car park which I missed.

Was one of those yours?

Great to hear you got your diff lock working.
Mine did that for a while too -was a bit frustrating!