Vw syncro muffler

Hi All,
I recently went to order a new muffler for my 1991 T3 syncro from micks motors and they said there muffler is not suitable for the syncro?..What do people do for muffler options?..

There may be a miscommunication there. The mufflers are the same, just the short tailpipe on the end is different. Just use the old one.

To be on the safe side before ordering,
With cat in place muffler is short without cat muffler is long . JK stocks the ’ long one.

Hi Harmut,
I see that is probably the difference then. I have a cat with 02 sensor in place. Maybe I look at getting one made.

Joe, you need the regular (short) one which you get from most suppliers.
Most suppliers do advertise in the
VW Magazine it’s worth waiting for every 3 months. As of late the mag people have discovered the T3 ! Love it.

Most people that get one made end up regretting it. Just buy the correct one. They are easy to get and last for many years.

Talk to Mick Motors again. The 2wd and syncro mufflers are the same.

Hi Phill,
I just emailed micks motors with lengths of my muffler. They said the genuine VW part numbers dont match up. Hopefully they have some good news.


I have a 2wd standard muffler made by Walker which came off a motor that I have parted out a while back.

The outer casing seems good but the inner bits seem loose and mushy and the tail pipe bolted to it is rusty and off a 2wd so would need to be replaced.

Its all yours if you want to come and get it - too bulky to post.

If not - try googling Walker - maybe they still are around and can make you one?



Hi Scott,
Thanks for the offer, My silencer sounds the same when you shake it its full of rust. Micks motors just confirmed that the 2wd has the same dimensions as the one that’s already fitted to my syncro with cat in place. Just waiting for them to get back to me with availability. Did you get my text about the engine covers?.

Hi Joe,

All good.

I might cut this one up and see what mess lies inside. Wont fit in the bin in full length with tailpipe.

I havent got your text.

Try again to 0418 680 189



Yes 2wd and syncro are exactly the same muffler Only the tailpipe is different.

Hi All,
Finally fitted the muffler from micks motors for the T3 2WD and it is a direct fit to the syncro. I suspect the cat quietens these down a lot, The muffler from micks was straight through perforated tube.

Great result.

I cut open my spare muffler today and it is an interesting thing - has an oversized flute in the middle with bracing sections and a glass fiber wool in the exit half of the muffler around more of the flute. Everything was loose and easily removed from the outer casing once cut in half.

I must admit it sounds pretty fat now with the new muffler and no cat, You can tell a vee dub is coming from a mile away.

Hi Joe, don’t know what you did to the sensor but when this happened to me years back, I cut out the fitting from the discarded cat and re welded it into the exhaust pipe.
Just thoughts, Hart

Hi Joe just read again jou have the cat still installed so all is good.

Yes i actually got another 02 sensor welded in the other side of the cat so i can run a wideband sensor at the same time. The only difference i can see with t he mufflers is the one from micks sits in the cradles further to the right hand side of the vehicle so the tail pipe pops out a little more.

Great result Joe.

I got the grinder out the other day on my old unwanted T3 stock muffler and cut it in half for 2 reasons:

  1. I wanted to see why the contents were so loose and
  2. So it would better fit in the bin.

This is the result before and after.

It seems to have a single flute style metal pipe in the centre which is spaced by the loose rings and its stuffed with glass wool.

Not really any rust just poorly constructed

by Walker Exhausts.

Definitely fit in the bin now!..interesting concept.