VW T3 Syncro vs T6 4 Motion Systems

This was posted on a syncro site which is UK based and provided very interesting results.

The T6 4 Motion was surprisingly brilliant with it managing to get out of almost everything without lockers - except when both front and one rear wheels lose traction.

T6 4 Motion seem to have limited slip differentials - at least to the rear.

Nice comparison.

The T6 wheel spin is a lot faster to get forward motion without lockers, I wonder how that translates in real world cases like a rocky up hill track climb.

With the long wheelbase and lack of ground clearance as standard, I think they would struggle in deep sand and rocky steep hilly trails - a bit like the T4 syncro struggles in those situations.

They would be great on loose gravel type fairly flat roads though.

I have seen this video before. I think a better test would have been putting the rollers on an incline. This does not show how much torque can be transmitted to the wheel with traction. You do not need a lot of torque on flat ground to pull out of the rollers. If the vans were doing the same test on an incline it would show more. (And repeat in reverse!)
Modern traction control systems using the brakes and 3 open diff’s can work very well off road, but they are usually on “soft roaders” so not tuned for hard core off road. 3 x diff locks will always be best off road in extreme situations, but of the other 99% of use most 4WD’s get most 4WD/AWD systems work just fine.
I still want a front diff lock though :slight_smile:

Those modern individual wheel brake traction systems are hopeless in sand.

Many manufacturers say to turn the traction control off when on sand as they know it actually hinders progress not helps.

I still worry about a front locker as turning would be very difficult.

Richard, I see syncro hospital in South Africa is doing a cleanup, lots of front diffs with lockers.

From the VW syncro Facebook group today -

“Started to tidy up a bit this week… 5.43 locker diffs for T3 syncro…”

I agree shorter wheelbase and higher ground clearance essential for real off road travelling. For better traction I dumped the VC for a solid shaft and installed a decoupler and Peloquin diffs front and rear (rear diff lock already existed in my Syncro). Chose to go front Peloquin diff instead of front diff lock because the Peloquin allows full steering and is about 70 to 80 per cent that of a diff lock - works brilliantly. If I can’t move about with all this set up then I would declare myself silly for being in such a predicament.

They do look enticing I agree but Stuart Stirling advised me that shipping is a killer from South Africa to anywhere in the world at the moment.

And can assure you there is no turning once that front locker is engaged :sweat_smile:


Maybe we need a group buy on gear boxes and diff’s :slight_smile:

Nil’s, if your that stuck that you need to engage the front diff lock, any forward motion straight or otherwise will be helpful. Last ditch attempt before you need a shovel and winch.

Is 5.43 what we have here as standard? (14" syncro)

Yes I believe it is. There used to be a spreadsheet knocking around with all the codes and ratios.