Wanted: Syncro Caravelle

As much as I love my current Syncro I’ve decided it might be time to upgrade.
So I’ve decided to put the feelers out for a Caravelle, or other well specked Syncro, preferably 3 knobs and pop top. I know they are few and far between but I’m in no rush.
If anyone has something or knows of something that may interest me let me know.


Hi Andy,

I am in the process of getting my Syncro up for sale - not advertised yet.
If you’re interested let me know, and I can get you full details and photos.
Quick specs:
1992 Australian Syncro in white, I am told started life over East as a company crew vehicle
2 knobs - more details below
Same owner from around ‘95 to ‘16, who did the whole camper conversion:

  • pop top
  • swing out gas cooker
  • sink with 45L underslung tank
  • Engel fridge (110L I think)
  • outdoor table with tri-foot
  • rock’n’roll bed
  • furniture on RH side, I’ve cut its bottom third giving a much wider bed
  • massive camping battery which I replaced maybe 2-3 years ago
  • hat savers
  • shower at rear connected to sink pump (cold)
  • all sort of cool lil’ things must see for yourself
  • Command cruise control

Here’s what I’ve done since owning it (bought 2018)

  • renewed/balanced driveshaft
  • rebuilt gearbox
  • EJ25 from a ‘04 Liberty fitted by Lukas Andrews in Melbourne, running on HPR10 oil since fitted
  • Audi 16” wheels with KO2s
  • spare is fitted up front as won’t fit under
  • steering rack fully rebuilt
  • added decoupler, van came with rear diff lock
  • tachometer fitted
  • blue LED instrument lights
  • added proper VanCafe air filter box connected to OEM snorkel
  • replaced both batteries
  • added DCDC charger with solar input (have a portable solar panel so the van can stay in the shade :slight_smile:
  • front doors central locking
  • new OME shocks all round about 1yr ago
  • LED headlights and driving lights
  • new windscreen, had all its surround properly repaired and sprayed before fitting
  • new rear hatch and shocks
  • aircon regassed
  • furniture cut to make wider bed

I’m sure there’s plenty more but all I can think of now. It’s got about 260k on the clock, I got it with 220, and Subaru motor that went in I was told had about 100k on it.
Runs great, drinks a little oil (Lukas said Subis do that), paintwork has scratches as expected but absolutely no rust.
Also I have a spare EJ25 short block I’ve been meaning to rebuild but not got round to it yet.
Usually garaged at my place near Toodyay, but can be viewed at my other home in East Freo.
Not a Caravelle as far as I know, but if at all interested give me a buzz.

Hi Gaetan, thanks for the offer. As I recall your van is very similar to mine which I’m currently quite happy with. I am only considering replacing it if I find one that is considerably higher spec.
I was impressed with your van and don’t think you’d have any trouble finding a buyer so good luck if you do chose to sell.


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Hi Gaetan,

What vehicle do you plan to go into after your awesome syncro?

Cant really get much better that what you have!

Hi Scott,
unsure as of yet, partner wants a proper loo and shower though… might end up with more RV less VW! We shall see, if the right thing comes up. Quite happy with what I have :slight_smile:

Agree - you already have what is needed - a well sorted getaway machine - talk the Mrs into keeping it!

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Thanks to all that have replied so far. I’m still on the hunt if anyone has seen or heard of anything new.