Warm Starting Troubles

After replacing all my fuel lines and putting in a new filter I have noticed that it’s not as easy as before to start when the engine is hot. It starts perfectly when cold but when hot, needs at least three long goes. It was pretty instant before, hot or cold.
Has anyone had this issue or does anyone have suggestions where I might start looking to sort out this problem.
Peter from Port

First thought would be some air trapped in the lines, but that should have flushed out by now, and would affect cold starting also.
Two things to try. First, rather than trying to start a few times, turn ignition on/off a few times before starting. This helps prime the fuel pressure before you start. If there is air still trapped in the lines this should help.
Next if you have a pressure gauge for the fuel line, is to see how quickly fuel pressure leaks away when turning off (it should hold pressure for a long time when turned off). If an injector is leaking it can leak into the intake flooding the engine when you try to start.

With the hot start, is it more likely if you turn off and immediately restart, or if it has been off for 10-20min?

Thanks Richard. It happens straight away or even after 30 minutes of stopping. Happened again today when I went down to Tuncurry to pick up a pod trailer. The seller was near the car as I tried to start it and he said he could smell petrol. Took about 4 goes to get it started and it had been sitting for about 30 minutes. Hmmm!!!

Hope you get the issues sorted @portmacpeter

How do you find towing the pod trailer? I have long thought this may be a good combo with the van. The kids are getting bigger and squeezing more and more stuff into the van is getting harder each year.

Towing back home was a breeze. It only weighs 250 kg empty. Will take it on a shake down trip around Easter time with a bit of stuff loaded. Cheers, Peter

I’d be looking to get a fuel pressure gauge and watch the pressure in the line when you turn off. If it leaks down quickly it would be worth checking if one of the injectors are leaking.