Water Crossing Issue

Hi all. Been up the back of Armidale visiting friends. They live NE of the town and you have to cross the Wollomombi River which is near their place. Last week it was a torrent but now passable. Got over no worries but on the return journey this morning must have got some splashing as the engine backfired, spluttered and died abot 300 metres after I crossed. There was condensation in the distributor cap. Just cleaned it out and sat it in the sun for a few minutes. Then back in and away we went for the 300 km home without missing a beat. Peter


You need one of the factory gloves for the dizzy :slight_smile:

A factory glove…what does that look like Scot?

This is for T1, not sure if there is a T3 specific one. I’ve not used them. Makes servicing a pain.
There are other ways to help with silicon sprays to help disperse water, but need to be careful with them also.

Love the crossing photo, makes me wanna go for a drive :smiley:


See the photo from Phill Lander’s syncro engine bay.

This is what the glove looks like.

Thanks Scott. I am getting a splash cover from Phill. Peter

Think I got one of these from Brickwerks a few years back. Also got the alternator stone guards but not fitted either.

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Years ago, syncro-services in Germany (now defunct), shipped 4 of these gloves to me. I posted 3 on to other syncro owners at the time, kept one for me.
My take on mine … a pain to fit, sort of bulky, a pain to service the distributor, once fitted is near impossible to see/access anything around the base of dizzy, at best I’d say it’s splash resistant, not waterproof. The plastic it’s made of is heat resistant but with use/abuse, can puncture.

In due course I got sick of it and probably tossed it. Not really needed unless you do serious wading and MAY have helped you in your recent event.
I can’t remember now who were the recipients of the other 3 finger gloves. Hartmut, just guessing? No harm in asking him. Cheers.

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