Weekend Winter Offroad Camping Trip NSW

Anyone have a good location of a off-road camping trip anywhere say 3hrs from Sydney?

North, South or West - Not much use going east as our syncros don’t swim that well.

I know its cold but a good camp fire should sort that out!

State Forests are great as they are less regulated compared to National Parks.

Anyone have any preferences?

We did a trip before Covid that was great but Covid stuffed any chance of doing one until recently - now the cost of living is basically following on from Covid - but I’m sure there is something very low cost - no facilities as most of us have solar set ups now.



Hey Scott.
Great idea…I hope you get a few takers.

Thanks Gerry,

Time is always an issue but great to get out and use these old trucks for what they were designed for.

I find available time later in the year when its warm is near impossible for me to find.

Sounds wonderful Scott. Hope you have a good turn out!
Shame I have no van at the moment :frowning:

Yes, that motor from Grant should get you back on the road.

I’m glad its finding its way into a syncro.

I have quite a bit of work lined up for the next month on weekends now anyway so it would need to wait until August at the earliest.

I’m certainly looking forward to it! I’ve been driving a “modern” car the last 6 months and want to be back in the Syncro!!
I must admit between two part engines I have started working on, I’m learning a lot about our wasserboxer motors. It’s a bit of a daunting task to start out on, but getting more confident as time goes on. It’s good to have a couple of engines to play with and should end up with a good spare long block.
But the learning will be worth it so when I get to rebuild my engine I will know what to do.
It’s a costly process but having fun along the way.

I’m also looking to set up to do more of the work myself with tooling and machining to be a little more self-sufficient next time.

Agree with your sentiment.

Despite better judgement, I am still using my 2wd T3 auto as a daily driver and only use my syncro for weekend fun and camping adventures. Plus the syncro gets used to haul my box trailer up to Burrum Heads a few time a year to work on my house there which is 1100kms each way.

Good to give the old syncro a long run every now and then.

So have you set a date/location for a trip?

Not yet Richard,
I was just looking for suggestions - clearly we would need somewhere we could have an open fire!