welcome note - long one

first of all, thanx a lot to the owners of the newsgroups to set them up. the newsgroups are an incredible source of information and help for every syncronaut. and thanx a lot to those who regularly partake the exchange of informations with their technical advice and personal experiences.
this message is to intoduce ourselves to the newsgroups.
we are joachim (m) and jasmin (f), a german couple who has just finished travelling australia in their syncro.
some of the australian guys know the things about our syncro already. for the rest, here's the details.
original condition:
- 1991 Transporter
- 147500 km in march 2003
- ex police car (color green/white)
- 2,1 MV engine
- petrol fired heating
- a lot of nothing inside
conversions done by ourselves from march 2003 till november 2003:
- alarm system
- pop up roof/tent (westfalia)
- truck mirrors
- wind visors on left and right front windows
- spare wheel holder in the back (ortec)
- sun reflexion foil in the back windows
- rotating construction for the front seats
- two armchair seats (from the multivan)
- three flames stove and three way fridge
- seat in the back that can be folded into a bed
- second battery
- wooden furniture
conversions done from bernd jaeger (www.syncro-bernd-jaeger.de) in august 2003:
- from 14'' to 16'' wheels (original t4 rim) with 225/75/16 BFG AT/TA
- SEIKEL springs
- OME gas shock absorbers
repairs done from march 2003 till today:
- inner cv joints front (both)
- all bushes front
- vc
- windscreen wiper mechanism
- harness wiring (because of injection/air sensor failure)
plans for the future (one by one):
- 2,5 tdi engine
- gearbox with ratio 29:7
- cluth 270 nm
- new drive shaft
- decoupler
- oil cooling system
- 4 disc brakes
- permanent high camping roof
more things would bore you to death we think. but if there's someone interested in more detailed experiences regarding the upper points or in the experiences we've had with the syncro/conversions/repairs/travels, please let us know.
j + j