The Australian Syncronauts.

I have set up this Yahoo Group for the benefit of T3 Syncro owners
in Australia. I have been keeping an Australian Register since the
beginning of this year and sending out irregular newsletters. I
hope that this group provides a ready forum for Australian owners
and hope also that it might unearth other owners not yet known to us.

I welcome contact from overseas owners and mention that we already
have a well established contact with Joachim and Jasmin, who have
been touring Australia in their ex-police Syncro. They have their
own website, which I will soon link to this Yahoo Group.

I have also had contact from South Africa and Belgium Syncro owners.

I will begin adding pictures as soon as I am able. I have pictures
of the J+J machine and Mike Plompen has sent an excellent photo of
his double cab with NATO rear canopy - all painted a vibrant bright
orange. Good stuff!

Les Harris
Australian Syncronauts