Wheel arch flares T3 Syncro - What's the best option?

Hi All,
Im looking around for some wheel arch flare kits like the ones from CCC in the UK or go westy…

Anyone fitted a set or have any suggestions?. .

Hi Joe,

As far as I know these are the only option unless you find a set of original 16". Terrawagen reproduced these and they are sold via CCC, Go Westy and a few others.



There are these crazy Jeep style flares from Thailand - which are an alternative to the Terrawagen flares that Jon mentioned.

Not to everyone’s taste though:

Hmm yeah not too keen on them jeep style ones, Look too bulky unless you have a mega lift and tires.

I’ve purchased these ones from eBay they aren’t as rounded off on the edge as the terrawagon ones there alloy and painted there around $260 shipped to oz

Pretty cool and the price is right too. If I didn’t already have flares I would take a punt on those :+1:

These are not connected to the door. They probably will not stop mud from getting on top of the wheel arch and getting on your clothes when you get out.