Where are the Syncros?

Gidday fellas,

I’ve been travelling for seven weeks through NSW and currently in FNQ from Victoria and have spotted only one T2 and one T3 (non Syncro). Most of my travelling has been away from the coast, especially in NSW and southern QLD to dodge all the rain of recent times. Are Syncros a dying breed? Hope not because if well maintained they are brilliant!

I find the same thing.

At Easter I went from NSW Central Coast to Burrum Heads Qld and back via Stanthorpe and only saw 2 2wds.

They are around - I only see them when I am driving other vehicles but they have always been rare and dont like coming out in winter!

They’re all tucked up in bed against the winter chill and being worked on each weekend preparing for Old Bar VW Festival on upcoming October long weekend … of course!!!

OK gentlemen, thank you both for your insight regarding the absenteeism of T3s and T2s ‘on the road’ or there about. I feel like the Lone Ranger, however Syncro does get a lot of inquisitive attention as it moves around from place to place. “I didn’t know they made them with 4WD, nice.”….”Love ya van mate, it’s cool.”….”Hey, they’re rare. Would be worth a lot today.”….and so on. So, while the absent T2s and T3s are hibernating I am content to carry the burden of showing the nation that we still do exist.

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Hi GW2200

I use my twin cab syncro all week shoot up the coast to visit my daughter yet for those big trips I tend to take a land cruiser as a syncro won’t tow much and there is the ticking time bomb of the cooling system 23 hoses and over 120 places where water can come out. Over dirt roads the syncro eats most 4wds yet after 30 years I feel it needs to be loved a bit more. If I break a land cruiser I can just buy a new one plus 7 year warranty and dealer support( Cant buy a new syncro) Agree when out it is the centre of attention .It would be nice for all the syncros to get together for bit of a national park bash

Agree Michael,

I would say there will be a few at Valla this year (which is back at the Valla Beach Resort) and at Old Bar this year.

Hopefully both will go ahead without Covid interference.



Speaking from a NSW perspective, over the past 16 years I know of, there have indeed been syncro meets plus.tours, some examples:
Annual VW Sydney Nationals in May,
VW Old Bar in October,
VW Yarra Glen VIC in November,
biennial VW Valla/Macksville in July/August.

Shallow Crossing ,southern NSW tour … two occasions.
Wheeney Creek, Putty weekender
Kombis to the Kape Tour
The Watagans Tour
Tour de Tassie
Glow Worm Tunnel near Lithgow weekender
Knorrit Flat,west of Taree tour
Sackville, Hawkesbury River weekender

Tours that were planned but didn’t eventuate:
Big Yango, Yengo NP
Blue Mountains tour

Typically what’s happened in the past for one day, weekend or midweek meets/tours is for any individual, ideally with local knowledge, to put their hand up to lead and suggest a meet somewhere of their choosing, a date and time and duration, what’s on offer and ask the membership who’s interested to participate.

On the other matter, to instill more confidence in your cooling system, have you thought about replacing most if not all the rubber coolant hoses with silicone hoses?

Hi Ken
I did take my t3 to the Nationals Nils and I were the only Syncros there. My T3 is in perfect mechanical condition. All news hoses new Big bore radiator, GW expansion tank and thermostat housing. 2.3lt gw motor with new coil over spark electronic, Aaron Roberts gearbox all new CVs bearings. So Mechanical condition is as good as can be . I have no worries driving mine anywhere yet our next trip is up to Arhem land 5000ks towing a 2.5t off road camper . Wife likes hot showers and flushing toilets. The syncro is not up to the job I would kill it so all I was saying is over 30 years things have moved up a peg or Two and I just appreciate the engineering of our 30year old pleasure to drive and conversation starter t3s.

Hello Michael,

Hearten to see that you have given your Syncro the best mechanical treatment and goodies to ensure as much as possible it will perform admirably ‘against all odds’ it may face when travelling all sorts of terrain. In this regard I am of the same ilk. My beast has Go Westy 2200 barrels/pistons, hence my tag is GW2200. Engine was rebuilt for more torque/grunt for 4 wheel driving. I agree that you towing a heavy camper trailer would be too much for the Syncro; my wife still enjoys a hot shower via a warmed Hortico watering can in the bush, so no camper trailer for us yet, if ever. Good luck and happiness with your approaching trip.

Here’s one on the Eyre Peninsula…Perlubie Beach

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Great to see the syncro out and about Gerry.

Are you coming to Old Bar/ Valla this year?

It’s on the calendar.

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Syncro is still my daily driver (not that I drive daily…), so getting regular use, though now wish I had stock piled a few more spares a few years ago!! Keeping it on the road seems to be growing harder by the day!

There is still a lot of parts for sale new via the USA just our Peso makes for an expensive purchases each time :roll_eyes: