Where is this Trakka Syncro now?

I wonder who owns this now and where it is?

Was owned by Murray in Sydney back in 2010 but I have not seen it since.


Murray had it at least until 2016 - I have been in touch with him when I was on the hunt, but it was out of reach back then…
Tried to contact him in 2017 again, but no response unfortunately.

Could become weak and trade my in for that… maybe not, too many memories with OZ :grinning:

Hi Arne,

I found photos of it at the Nationals up to 2011 but after that I heard he sold it but no idea where it went.

I think yours is better anyway - I just like his colour.

Yours is now very well set up.

I wonder which state it is even located in now??



Yeah I like the way OZ is heading :wink:

Would have been kinda funny having a dove grey metallic Syncro here too :grin: the different twin

Still like the Trakkas, but in all honest I’m happy not having the Trakka roof. Looks great with no doubt and I like the full length space inside once popped up. But all the trouble I hear people have with it… nah I stick with my Camperize.
But curious to know too where Mussy’s Syncro did end up.
And also what condition it is in. Just got pics of him which were from 2011…

Wow…I’d be homesick if I had that one - its sensational! :wink: :grinning:

She (Moss) is in Myalup 1.5hrs south of Perth. My friends Mark Kennedy and Fiona Morgan bought it from Murray around 2016. She has had a complete mechanical and transmission rebuild in 2017 and is used for trips around WA and beyond. Mark Is a member of this group also. but may not be active at this moment. Regards Greg Navarro WA


I hoped it wasn’t lost somewhere in the bush.

Such a nice camper!

Maybe squeeze a photo or 2 out of the current owners :wink: