Whereabouts of Syncro owned by Les?

The doyen of our site, Les, who sadly passed away a few years ago had a nice Syncro. Does anyone know where it ended up? Did a member of our Forum buy it I wonder?

I’m thinking the best person to ask might be your father-in- law.
I seem to recall after Les’s funeral, his partner drove it, the motor overheated as unbeknown to anyone at the time, it was low on coolant.

Thank you Ken. Will follow it up.
Cheers, Peter

Yes, Hart told me his mechanic mate bought the syncro and was planning to restore it.

It should be alive somewhere in Port Macquarie.

My crystal ball’s telling me Harmuts mechanic friend never got around to fixing the motor. Still parked out somewhere in the weather, rotting away. Oh dear.

Peter, might my crystal ball be proven wrong? :wink:

We all helped clean it up and drove it on the day of Les’s funeral…a memorable occasion.

Yeah, a very sad loss indeed.
Hard to believe it’s now over 5 years since his passing. RIP Les.

Thanks Ken,

Time gets away from us for sure.

It was a huge shame for such a great bloke who was the founder of our group.

This was Les’s old syncro at his funeral:

I’m glad a few of us could attend and pay our respects.

Re Syncro , Les,

Whenever I saw Les we talked gliding. He had a fair few flights and was very interested in figuring out how it all worked. I could help him as I was instructing gliding in RSA where I collected + - 1000 hrs in the cockpit.

For the funeral I had taken along Dietrich Knees to look at the Syncro. He bought it. He is a motor mechanic, his aim is to fix it up again. It was and still is in a bad state, parked under trees at his place near Port Macquarie, not good at all. Must have been a year ago I saw it last and at that time Dietrich was pretty sure that he would restore it. I am not so sure about that now though seeing that D has a huge shed full of projects .

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So my crystal ball is working!
Might try palm reading next. :grinning:

That is a huge shame.

We really need this syncro to live on.

It was a quality vehicle too.

Maybe you could at least convince Dietrich to put it in his shed?

Hi Scot, what is needed to save Les’ Syncro is for someone to have a look at it and offer some cash for it.
Will try and talk to D.

Great stuff Hart.

Its very sad to hear its rotting away behind a workshop.

If it was under some cover it would at least give it a chance.

I will also put on some pressure to make him either sell or look after it. Peter

Thanks Peter.

that should help