Which Gear Oil

I want to replace the oil in the Transaxle and front Diff

What Oil is Best for the job.   Any GL4 Oil?

I was told that in a Auto if you use a mineral base oil always use the same oil however with ATF Full synthetic any synthetic is fine to use/mix with other synthetics...  

Oils are always a tough one, so many people have their own opinions, some links to read through below, there are more if you do some searches. Search in here also, there are a few posts on oils including what Rudi has recommended.




I recently changed to the Swepco 210. Very expensive! I wish I has taken some more details (running temps etc) before swapping. Can't say I have notice any difference in driving, and the GB still feels very hot to touch after a long drive.

Just keep in mind if you are changing oils, the GB does not drain fully, so you will be mixing old and new oils. I had mine out when I changed oil, so by tipping etc and leaving for a few days got 1/2L or so extra oil out.