WTB Syncro Speedo/cluster

Chasing a working speedo or good condition complete cluster.

Thanks :slight_smile:

These are very rare Alex.

They are syncro specific so difficult to get compared to an item that suits all T3s.

Cheers Scott, figured as much.

After speaking with a mate, ill take a 2wd unit if available. I can swap out the internals.

I will ask around if anyone has a spare.

Does your van have a clock or tacho in the right hand side gauge?

What is exactly wrong with yours?

The torsion like spring that pulls the speed indicator finger back to nil is broken.

I found a 2wd speedo (a 500) in my garage under some other stuff.

Would that suit your needs?

Its just a speedo - no binnacle…

Thanks for having a search!
It could fix my problems. Could you send me a picture, please? So I know we’re on the same page :slight_smile:

I will get a photo and post it ASAP…

Here are some photos:

I have no needle but it has the face plate which actually wouldn’t suit you as it says 500 on it.

Let me know.



It should work for me scott, I intend to use the existing gears etc. I really just need the spring. Ill pm you for the price

Mate its your for the price of postage.

Came out of an old cluster that was very broken so its just been floating around my workbench in the garage. What ever springs you need should be in there.

Whats your post code?

You’re a legend Scott :slight_smile:
So very much appreciated!


No problem.

I will box it up and take it down to the post office tomorrow if I’m allowed according to the Covid lock-down rules here??


Thanks Scott.
No problem if you’re unable to for a while due to lockdown.
I’ve been enjoying the drive more so since not looking at a speedo. I’ll perceiver a little longer :grin:

Shoot me your payment details when you get to it :call_me_hand:

My Boss managed to get to the post office this morning so its on its way.

I will send you the cost and bank details.



Legend. Thanks mate!