Youtube: Syncro People

Syncro People is a short ethnographic film about friends, Volkswagen camper vans, and four-wheel drive. The VW Vanagon Syncro is a high performance off-road camper van… from the 1980’s. This makes it a suitable vehicle for a special group of camping friends and automotive enthusiasts, who plan exceptional trips on the back roads of Vancouver Island.

Demi, Rik, and Nathan enjoy fixing performance vans and getting lost in the woods. But they wouldn’t be able to get out again if it weren’t for Helen and Kim, who are the real fire keepers of the campsite.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of British Columbia’s coast and Vancouver Island, Syncro People takes viewers from the garage, deep into the mountains, and back home. Where a story of passion and vintage vehicle restoration is actually the story of friendship and love for the outdoors.