CB Radios What R U Using?

Hi Folks,

What CB radios are people using in their syncros?

On the last syncro adventure (last year), my cheapie Aldi CB radio struggled and it would work but cut out regularly even though people could hear me.

I upgraded mine to a more expensive version as per the photo and I also bought a longer higher gain aerial which is annoying as it hits the garage door as I come in or leave the garage so I have swapped back to the old aerial. But the upgraded CB seems to work better even with the shorty aerial.

What combo are others using?



Watching closely as this on my list… They seem to have come down in price over the past few years but no idea of quality.

I think there was a thread no so long ago on the same topic. Maybe it was on the only forum. Are those posts still searchable here?

My new CB is an Oricom brand and I really like the fact the controls and screen are all on the handset part rather than the actual unit. Make it easier to see what is going on.

However I think I will bring the big aerial with me and swap it over at the first nights camp so I can be assured I can hear others.

GME Electrophone. I have had a few over the years and these are much better than the cheaper brands.


They would be the most used brand by serious off roaders.

I did a lot of checking and bought this GME kit. Has everything I need. Including two aerials. Hopefully install tomorrow.

Nice purchase Peter.

Was that off eBay or another vendor?

I like the controls and screen on the handset - much easier to deal with.

I have got a similar set as Peter has got, just of another brand.
Got it for a good price at a dealer in Canberra a few years back. Came with two antennas and replace the old 40 channel one which didn’t work anymore.
Same fitting location as yours Scott. I just want to add another speaker as that is a bit low in volume (tucked under the dash) when on highway speed.

Looks good. How long is the lead on the handset? The reason I ask is that I see the radio being as useful at a campsite, as on the road (to keep track of the family on hikes, etc.). It would be handy if the lead enabled it to be accesible whilst sat in a camp chair near the sliding door.

Also, excuse my ignorance but why would you need 2 attennas?

Agree Arne,

You have a good set-up.

My lead stretches across to the passenger side person but that’s about it. No chance of getting out the sliding door unless it was fitted on the passenger side somewhere.

With the antenna, I was told it needs to get above the van to be effective. Not sure if that is true…

Hi Scott. I got it from Ryda.com. They price matched a cheaper option on eBay. Good service. Arrived at my front door very quickly. I have not installed yet. Yesterday I replaced my Sony stereo with a new Sony one on sale at Supercheap. The previous Sony had a CD player that I never used and it was always too tight at the back and I could never get it flush. New Sony is built for digital music and does not have a CD. It has a much smaller depth and fits really well. I will do a separate post for those who might be interested.

Re antennas. I believe it’s because the longer and more powerful ones can be a bit obtrusive but are essential out in the bush. The smaller one can be used around town or perhaps on the highway. I will just leave the longer one on for the moment and see how it goes.

Pretty much spot on Peter re. the antennas.
The long ones are suitbale for longer ranges, however they are having issues with sending/receiving in closer distance when you are in hilly areas. That is where the short ones are better, believe it has soemthing to do with the distribution of the waves:


Jon, the cable is not long enough to reach through the slider, but I believe you can extend it by a fair bit - it’s pretty much just a normal PC Network cable style connecting the Handset with the unit.
I think mine has got a second port so I can connect another unit - Uniden has (or had) a handset to be used via remote connection, but not sure if my radio can take it on.

But thought about this already a few times, having a handheld one with me. Especially when you are on a track and you need to get out to check what is coming up - difficult to commute with the rest of the crew without a handheld one

Agree an in vehicle CB is always well complimented by a hand held CB.

Thanks. Makes sense. Presumably you need a switch to change between attennas depending on the geography then.

I think that matters more with 27mhz with the way that they use a ground plain.

Looking forward to getting out and needing to use these things. Just seems to appear that the time when this will be allowed is getting further away every day.

Very depressing.

Anyway a good time to tinker with the syncro and get it more ready for an adventure. :slightly_smiling_face:

Jon I get a pretty good discount from repco. Happy to order the radio of your choosing next time you’re down. That said there is currently a 25% off discount (equivelent) in the retail store if you are ready to buy.

With mine you just unscrew them off the post on the bull bar. No switch. Simple swapover. I have finished installing a new radio and will complete the CB installation today. Been tidying up a few wires under the dash. Lot going on under there with extra stuff I have put in.