FW: [syncro.org] Don't roll or bump start your syncro in reverse

Here's the equivalent of ABC radio 702 saturdays 10-11am building issues weekly segment ... their famous "Boofhead Of The Week" award!

Oh dear.


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My 86 syncro had a dead battery one cold morning,in a hurry I didn't want to take the time for jumper cables. My van was on a slope facing up hill so I thought I would just bump start rolling backwards. My old air cooled vw's took this kind of abuse on a regular basis. Any way when I attempted this I just heard a loud grinding sound and realized trans fluid was gushing out the trans. The reverse gear idler shaft is located about a half inch from the outer wall of the transmission. Under normal thrust this isn't a problem because the shaft is pushed inward. By attempting to roll start the thrust is in a backward direction and the shaft literally blows out the trans. $$$ repair cost. had to replace the low gear housing and reverse gear cover and a few other parts. Those parts weren't easy to find here on the west coast. The two wheel drive trans isn't as vulnerable. I'm using jumper cables from now on.