Old Bar festival 2023

Hi all, anyone heading to old bar this week end?

No…can’t make it.
I hope there’s a good turn out.
You going?

Would love to go Richard … long overdue outing but no … sorry, cannot go.
Weather looks fine on the weekend, temp around 30. Time for a swim there.
Would also have been interesting to witness Old Bar district recovery from the last bush fires.

Shame to hear that, would have been great to catch up. Yes planning to head down at this stage. Still a few things in the air for me though.
Hopefully there will be a few Syncro’s there. Looks like there will be a good crowd of KC members there.

Yes Im going. Heading off tomorrow.

Looking forward to good weather and an even better event!

Hoping to be there too Scott!!
I’ll make the final decision tomorrow, but planning to drive 1/2 way Friday night, and finish the drive Sat morning.

Yes Richard,

The boss plans to bring my 2wd auto up on Saturday night (hopefully) yet she is going via Kempsey area to visit her Niece.

Will be great to have both out on the oval this year.

Sounds great!! Would be nice to have my auto on the road, it would be nice for a trip to old bar!

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Great you stopped by for a chat at Old Bar Richard.

It was a fantastic event which was a little too warm for my pooch on Sunday but otherwise awesome weather.

See you at the next one - hopefully your motor is all healthy and Mel wont overtake you!

Old Bar Photos:

Only a couple of syncros yet quite a few T3s

Nice pics Scott…love the different colours that VW put out.
Had you seen the red DOKA before?

Good spotting there Gerry.

Yes that’s Lucky Phil’s ex-Doka which he sold earlier this year to Tony White from Sydney. Tony loves it and I’m sure he will continue to tidy it up where required.

Yes another great show, and good to see the T3’s out!
I hope Tony got his brake fluid leak sorted out.
Likewise Scott, great to catch up. It was certainly a warm week end, Glad for the coastal breeze at old bar.
Always blown away by the aerobatics display.

Not sure I will keep up with Mel :slight_smile:
Interesting point, not sure what had the biggest effect on my fuel economy, but as the motor is very unwell, I put 98 fuel in for the trip and stuck to ~85kph for the whole trip, and did not try to maintain speed on the bigger hills. I normally (and very consistently) get 8.5 km/L. For this round trip (1300km) I got 9.7km/L. Can’t ever remember getting that good in the past.
Regular stops kept the coolant system healthy, but will need to get that spare engine in so I can rebuild mine!

Glad you enjoyed it and agree the aerobatic display was sensational - those guys are bat-shit crazy!

I have never been able to drive 85 in a 110 zone - I wonder what figures I would get in my thirsty T3 2wd auto as it loves a good drink!

I also agree Mel is a hoon!

Should see what she does in her Mk6 2l Tdi Golf - that thing is a rocket ship!

I can only imagine how the Tdi goes!! Our (now sold) golf was only a 1.6L petrol.

Not that I have done long trips in our auto, but it gets better economy than the Syncro.
My brother used to have a 2WD T3 (MV) single cab, no power steer, AC etc, it easily got 12km/L. Even loaded up it got good economy…

It massively depends on how you drive.

Mines thirsty as I always drive 110 on the freeway and always accelerate fairly strongly from a stop.

If I drove more sedately - which I do when the van is running low on fuel on the freeway - it goes a lot further!

Thanks for the photos Scott. Sorry I could not make it. We headed up to the Girraween NP in QLD on a committed trip with friends. Was a great trip. My hot start issue returned however. So put in new plugs when I got home on Monday. That fixed it last time. I do have a hot start relay by the way. It is running a bit rich but I cannot solve that issue. There is always an issue to make us keep researching into the quirks of our vans!!!

Glad you had a great trip Peter, sorry to hear of your issues. I’m surprised running rich gives you hot start issues. What do the plugs look like when you pull them out?