OVERLANDER 4WD Magazine 1990

For Hartmut. An article featuring your doka I think?



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That is gold.

I have thrown out quite a few old VW magazines recently as just about everything is on line now and the recent moisture we have received from the sky has got to them in my dungeon.

However, if I had this I would keep it safe.

Might have to buy it :slight_smile:




Thanks Jon. In case you didn’t know, Hart is my father in law./ I got him a copy of the mag a couple of years ago. Hi Tristar is great. Hopefully we will get him and the Tristar to Old Bar if it happens in October.
Cheers, Peter

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Hi Peter, yes Old Bar is pencilled in, but what about Valla/ Macksville? On this year ?

Postponed for a year… that gives me time to take the fuel tank out and rebuilt that area
Like replacing 32 yr old fuel hoses plus cleaning the tank inside/outside.

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Thats another job I need to do. Never taken my tank out in my 32 year old vehicle.

Old Bar is still yet to cancel so here’s hoping!

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