Syncro buy any model considered

Hi All,

Still searching for a Syncro will consider all options tin top or camper if anyone has an itch to sell, DM to keep private if only thinking at best.


Still keeping an eye out for you.

None at the Nationals this year for sale which was a bit of a disappointment of an event, but that may still be due to covid and other sicknesses.

They are very few and far between at the moment.

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Hi Scott,

There’s still a coupler of options around but not exactly what I’m after, but keeping an open mind, and will consider any Syncro that comes on the market.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the Nationals in the end, but as you said there wasn’t anything available.

I have found a local engineer that does blue slips and instals seats and seat belts so that resource has opened up my options. As I’ve found out most of the campers back seats are no longer legal, which doesn’t matter as much if there from NSW but otherwise I’d retro a van to my needs.

Thanks for keeping an eye out


Hi Andy, I just spotted a 1988 model on Car Sales. He’s asking $31500.00 and there’s lots of pictures. Good luck.

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There’s also one a 1990 on Gumtree that’s in Queensland for $28000.00

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There is a guy in Qld who will be listing a syncro next week which he says he will list for $30k.

It has some rust issues in the lower front and a bent drivers side front wheel arch but the rest looks pretty good and straight.

He apparently has health issues so cant use the syncro anymore.

It has an unusual drivetrain with a Ford Z-tek engine or bostig conversion common in the USA and a 4.86 go westy gearbox and front diff with solid shaft and decoupler. Has rear locker.

It has an awesome pop-top being a camperise version all colour coded, with power windows up front.

It just has a full width bed-seat in the back which looks very Camperize style like mine.

It has QLD compliance plates which basically mean nothing in other states.

I have photos on my phone but the cable is not allowing me to transfer them to my computer ATM.

Will send through ASAP.



Thanks Scott, Sounds interesting, I’m being pretty patient right now as my knowledge increases I’ve ruled out a few that have come on the market due to price and work needed. A couple of the best prospects were interestingly a couple of cheaper vans, mainly because they’re a blank canvas and you’re not paying for other peoples set up’s that don’t suit. I’m yet to hear back from one of my Facebook contacts has been overseas, on the face of it a good 92 Trakka provided heaps of photos but I’m thinking way more rust than the photos suggest. Look forward to seeing this one


I have been fighting with my computer and phone all day but managed to link them and extract a few photos.

Its actually not very rusty at all - just 1 spot on the lower front corner and a surface rusty front bar.

See photos of what you get for $30k

As is, would suit as a 5 person day tripper only.
As a fully equipped camper? Needs a lot of change and a lot of extra work.

Thanks for getting those to me Scott, looks alright except the front end with the rust on the corner and near the number plate. Do you know when he’s going to put an advertisement out? The camper seats are an issue in NSW with no headrest. Funnily enough it’s not a problem if it’s already registered here, but this is the best format for my needs with 2 shoulder seats belts in the back. I’ll be interested to see all the spec’s and price when advertised.
Thanks again

Hi Andy,

I had this setup in mine when I bought it and only added a truck fridge and small cupboard as I would use plastic boxes strapped behind the passenger seat that are removed and stored outside under the vehicle at night. works well for us.
the pop top is excellent and would serve you well.

Here is the owners spiel about the vehicle:

This is mine in camping mode.

Trailer only carried tools.

Doesn’t look like it sleeps in the pop top like some others but this open plan I prefer and nice spec’s. I’ve been warned about the Syncro’s being warn out and to stay clear of rust which worries me especially when asking 30k but that seems to be the norm. I’ve seen a few coastal vans that have obviously had lots of salt water driving and general coastal conditions hasn’t kept them well.
I’ll take that blue van just what I’m after…

Hi Andy,

This pop-top style roof definitely sleeps 2 upstairs until they get really tall (once my eldest daughter got to 6’ we bought an annex tent). There are boards which store nicely away in a shelf at the back of the top area and the roof can be closed comfortably with these in place. Not sure if he has the boards still, if not 19mm thick structural ply works well.

Anyway thought it was up you alley.



That’s good to know. Yep definitely worth considering. If you were forced to sell yours what would it be worth?

Not sure Andy,

Ive never actually considered selling - which is the biggest problem with finding one as many Syncro Owners have the same attitude to their syncro.

How many do think are in as great nick as yours?


From what I have seen, there are quite a lot - most still used will be loved and in great condition - if they weren’t they would have been sold on or died long ago.



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This is the link to the syncro I mentioned:

Thanks, it came up on one of the VW Facebook groups the other day.