Syncro Pop Top Refurb

Following the repairs to my pop top and the roof of my van, I wrote an article for the Australia VW magazine. It was published in the May-July edition. I thought that those who don’t get the magazine might like a read of the article so here it is. It was some project as it involved the pop top coming off and the whole interior headliner being replaced. That involved removing and reinstalling the front window as well. All done with local businesses.
Cheers, Peter
Syncro Pop Top P1.pdf (1.6 MB)
Syncro Pop Top P2.pdf (2.5 MB)

You must be happy that it’s done…
And in the Australian VW Magazine as well…excellent!

Clearly a massive job that was really a common problem for bay window vans as many of them had the Sopru roofs installed which seemed to be rust factories.

T3s are starting to get this reputation.

I was lucky that mine was done in recent years and all has been bonded with extra strong panel adhesive with just the front edge having stainless screw fixings to ensure it wont lift.

Pop tops are great yet can be fraught with problems - especially when left out in the weather.

Great to see yours all done and back in business!

Great work Peter, you have put a lot of effort into the Syncro, and great to see it so well looked after!