TYRES - What R U Running?

What tyres are you all running these days.

My BFG A/T Ko1’s are well past their use-by date but are structurally still brilliant with no cracks at all - but the van lives in the garage a lot so its protected from out viscous sun.

They were good tyres on the road - just a bit noisy and really good off-road with strong side-walls.

Any other recommendations? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Scott, after two sets of bfg’s that did about 110,000 kms each, I’ve gone to toyo open country at 2. Much smoother ride, and quiet . Seem to absorb bumps better as well. Haven’t done any off roading but seem pretty grippy on worksite mud. Cheers, Eddie.

Thanks Eddie.

Tyres are definitely a compromise for noise/ on road ride and off-road capability and toughness for long corrugated roads.

Aussie roads are tyre and van killers.

I have an old set of Yokohama Geolander for off road. They do the job, but also are noisy on the road. Structurally they have certainly lasted well
When running around town I have Michelin Agilis on the original rims which have been great so far.

I do need to get a new set to replace the Geolanders, but have not looked at options yet. I need to find some rims first!!


Scott, I’ve got BFG AT KO2s on mine (second lot) and happy with them. Noise factor is minimal and good compromise for the aggressive tread pattern. The bias is definitely for off-road and if you if are not in a hurry on the highway and through cichanes, it a great tyre for the Syncro.
Having written this, Eddie’s choice (Toyo) could be a good move (highway quietness) and I remember about 45 years ago when I worked in the Pilbara iron ore mines the dump trucks were all fitted with Toyo tyres; so there’s some good reputational credibility for that brand.

good luck


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Just wondering, are you guys all talking about tyres for the standard 14” rims, or do you run 15” or 16”?
Asking as I’m still on the 14”, and find tyre choices extremely limited.
I did find Nankang FT-7 AT tyres, 27x8.5 R14, anyone has any experience with that tyre and/or brand?

Mine are 15” rims, Gaetan.
LT 215/75/15 AT
Alas, it’s true that 14” rims are disadvantaged regarding selection range across major brands. Can’t help you with knowledge/experience re Nankang brand. You may have to bite the bullet and find 15 rims which will greatly expand your tyre choice.


Totally agree Lewis and this is the main reason (other than big brake conversions) that lots of syncro Owners go for 15" plus. Not as many options for 15" anymore as 16" plus are the common wheel size these days.

I would probably go KO2 or Toyo.
I had Toyo originally on mine.
Better road handling by quite a bit and quieter! They have a softer compound of rubber not as hard wearing.

KO1 I have now - great tyres for wear and useable lifespan. Good on and off road.
Predictable and dependable. Not buttery smooth and grippy like the Toyo AT’s.

Hard decisions to make! Both are “expensive brands” but you get what you pay for.

Nangkangs are alright for older cars with small wheels. Cheaper brand but seemed ok on my old Type 3 wagon. No complaints. Can’t comment on their AT’s.

Does anyone run Michelins? Was just having a look at their range, their AT’s seem road biased, but probably OK for the driving I do.

Funny when looking for tyres and availability, Michelin seems to own BF Goodrich - well they are the importer to Australia anyway. Michelin only have warehouses in Perth, Melbourne and Brisvegas - no Sydney :thinking: - very strange…

That does sound odd, but as you said probably just the one importer.

For 15" I have Firestone Destination AT and found them a good all rounder.

Out of interest, where do you go to look for 16” wheels?

Any Merc or other common brand rims with the correct ET to be found?

Thanks in advance!

Mefro 16" fit straight on without modification. Mick Motors used to stock them. A few years back a number of us imported a pallet load from Germany direct which worked out cheaper at the time.


I got my mefro 15” wheels in a group buy. Have used the Firestone destinations with no issues. Seem a solid reliable tyre.
Peter from Port

I finally decided on BFG All Terrain KO2’s after lost more reading on options.

They are so quiet compared to the old Ko1’s (although my old tyres were 17 years old).

Very happy now :smiley:

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These are really beefy tyres for how quiet they are.

I noticed the Americans driving T3s love the General Grabber tyres - never seen those here.

Very happy with mine - some tyre porn:

Tyre porn indeed - looking awesome.
Out of interest Scott, what rims are these, and are they 15 or 16”?

These are 15" TSW wheels which are custom made for the syncro with an ET of 25. They fit great but only just clear the Audi G60 twin pot front brakes.

They have been on my van since before I bought it.