Want to buy/swap: front skid plate

Bit of a long shot, but looking for a front skid plate instead of the spare wheel clamshell.

Any chance someone has one of those in the country and wants to sell/swap for the clamshell?

Cheers Arne

Arne, why would you want a skid plate when the clam shell with a full tyre atop (reinforcement) is effectively a skid plate

Is it because perhaps you may not have a 2" suspension lift which would raise the skid shell anyway if that is the issue.


Ryszard, I have got a water tank which goes in that space.
No need to have it accessible via Clamshell, so using a skid plate would be the lighter and more sensible option imo.

Cheers Arne

Cool, makes sense, my puzzlement can now to rest (my radio you installed in my Syncro is still working brilliantly, thanks).


What is the water tank you have in there?

I have an empty space in that wheel carrier location - dont really want to use it for fuel due to the radiator heat and cant fit a matching sized spare tyre so either a water tank or a winch?

it’s a custom made stainless steel tank. Wanted to use it for fuel, but decided against it for the same reasons you mentioned. It’s a new tank, so going to use it as a water tank.

Great plan and will act as a crumple zone like the original spare tyre did.

The spare tyre crumple zone is an urban myth. Otherwise that would be the standard location for the spare.

Finally fitted the water tank, now just waiting for the bash plate :grin:

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Nice Arne,
Where are you fitting the filler?

I’m interested in finding out if/how that low front weight affects the handling.
I’m saving that space for one of the battery packs when I go sparkysyncro down the line…

It’s on the passenger side wheel arch, has been there before (for the old water tank). Just re-routed the filler hoses.

OK thats exactly where my water tank filler is located.
What happened with the old tank?
Does that filler do both or have you got something else on the passenger side middle section now?

I did remove the old tank as I’m going to fit an 80L long range fuel tank there. Got it already ready, just need to carry out some other work first and prep electrics for the fuel pump and fuel level sender.
This one will be filled via the right wheel arch just like 2WD.

The warm water tank has its own filler on the drivers side.

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Hi Arne,

What level sensor do you use?

My system is fill the tank to the top and I know it is empty when the fuel pump gets very loud - as the outlet is at the back, I get the last of the fuel out going up hills as it pushes the fuel to the back of the tank. Not a perfect system but sort of works.

It would be nice to know how full it is all the time though.

Hi Scott,

I’m using the 2WD level sensor. It just plums into the electrics and I can swap between the main tank on the gauge and the aux tank with a switch.
I got the fuel tank form Virat Mechanik, well made and fits nicely in the space between the outer sill and the chassis rail

Cheers Arne

Yes, the 2wd sensor should work well as the 2wd factory steel tank is similar depth to these tanks.
I was thinking that system, yet I dont want to cut a hole in my tank - more worried about the swarth that would get in there than resealing it.

What is the depth of the 2wd sensor?

I think it is a push in an turn system with an O-ring fit from memory.

What gauge are you using?



Looks interesting Arne, that is one big tank!! So if you run off the secondary tank, where does the return fuel from the fuel rail go? Or is it just transfer to the main tank?

I had the option to order it with or without the fuel sender. Went for the first option. Didn’t know what sender they use until it turned up here. Just have to wire it into the loom for the fuel gauge in the instrument cluster and put a switch in between to pick the tank being displayed.

Should be pretty straight forward. Not sure yet how accurate it will be though

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Will be pumping into the main tank, much easier than trying to run it off the aux tank.